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訂購須知  ♡ 全站訂單單筆滿1300元免運 ♡

: : :〔 國外下單 Overseas 〕

- 配送 / 運費 -

國外客人下單一律以「台灣郵局」寄出,您可先至 台灣郵局 網站自行輸入大略的重量與材積進行試算後再決定是否下單。


- 付款方式 -


- 下單流程 -

① 挑選好的商品放進購物車後進行結帳流程
② 取貨方式請選擇「門市店取」
③ 付款方式請選擇「銀行轉帳」
④ 請在「訂單備註」欄位填寫您的「英文收件地址、姓名、電話」
⑤ 下單完成後,請回到 Facebook 粉專 私訊提供「訂單編號」
⑥ 我們幫您確認完訂單商品後會告知您運費並幫您更新訂單金額
⑦ 運費若無問題,我們會發送付款通知信到您註冊時填寫的 E-mail
⑧ 點擊信件中的連結進入結帳頁面並選擇「信用卡付款」結帳



① Put the product in the shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
② Receiving method choose "In-store pickup".
③ Payment method choose "Credit Card".
④ Please write down your Address(include post code), Receiver, Tel No. in "order notes".
⑤ Check out you order and don't pay for now.
⑥ Go to our Facebook Fanspage send message, include order number.
⑦ We will update the shipping fee for your order and then send a notice of payment to your mailbox.  
⑧ Click on the payment link in the letter and select the method of payment as the credit card for the payment.

After the payment is finished, the order will automatically update the status as paid, and we will start organizing the shipment for you.

If you have any questions during the process, please contact us at any time.

*有任何問題可至〔臉書粉絲專頁〕私訊或 E-mail 至:[email protected]